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"I am a professional violinist in the entertainment industry. I regularly perform with music greats like JOHN TESH and RONNIE BENISE; so it is not acceptable for me to be overweight, especially since both performers are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. But I love food and earlier this year I peaked out at 244 pounds. My kids started making fun of my huge belly, my outfits no longer fit and running around on stage became increasingly difficult. Things got so bad that JOHN TESH started making jokes about my girth on stage.

Finally I decided to get serious about my weight problem. I studied Dr. Oz's “YOU ON A DIET” and then started taking PREE® to curb my tendency to overeat, and to help me reduce my meal portions. I am happy to report that since January, I have lost 25 pounds. PREE® helped every day to hold my appetite in check. This small success, gave me the will and the hope to succeed. I added daily walking and began to make proper food choices; which have combined to help me lose weight and feel great as well; for the first time in years!

PREE® works best when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. One must learn to reduce food portions and maintain a regular course of moderate physical activity to get the best results. My health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and personal image needed serious attention; and thanks to PREE® my life is opening up to a promising path towards long-needed improvement."

- Jim S, PhD


"I'm a product of traditional Southern cooking. Everything is fried and I have picked up a lot of bad eating habits as well. I've tried diet after diet; and pill after pill. I have exercised and still I just can't seem to lose any weight. Nothing ever worked and so I had just about given up. From day one with PREE® I was able to cut down on my meals without falling back into the old habits of eating till I felt stuffed. It was so easy, I couldn't believe it. I love what PREE® is doing for me. It is not a dramatic loss so far, but the pounds are coming off slow and sure. In 6 weeks I lost 13 pounds - and that's a real miracle for me. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I am very encouraged about being able to lose my weight and keep it off. PREE® makes me feel in control, and I haven't felt that way since before I can remember. Thank you PREE®!!

I lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks and never felt hungry! Not only that I lost the weight without feeling hungry, but also saved a bundle on my grocery bill."

- Belle


"I'm overweight and I feel the effects in every aspect of my life. My knees are wearing out. I can't climb stairs anymore. I feel young inside, but lately I have really started to feel older than my age. I know my weight has had a lot to do with it. I started PREE® seven weeks ago and it is really changing my life. I've lost more than 11 pounds and I'm feeling better than I have for years. I thought I was doomed to live a fat lifestyle, but all that is changing. All my friends keep commenting on my weight loss and how my "new" happy feelings are making me young again. I am so encouraged I am even eating healthier foods without dieting, and I am eating a LOT less of them. PREE® just took my hunger away."

- Bo


"I'm never very hungry in the morning so I normally have a hard boiled egg on rye bread, a piece of fruit and two or three cups of coffee between 6-8 AM. I took the PREE with 16 oz of water around 11:00 AM and I didn't stop for lunch until 1:30 today because I just wasn't hungry before that. I'm normally starved by noon!

Usually, I have a grilled chicken breast or fish and a mixed salad for lunch. After taking Pree, I only ate half of the chicken breast before I felt full, so I had the second half for a quick early dinner."

- Ellen


"I am a 58 year-old man, and over the past three years my weight crept up from about 185 to about 205. My pants were too tight, and I was embarrassed to walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of my bulging profile. Despite my best intentions, I couldn't cut out my late night snacking. If it wasn't Haagen Dazs ice cream, then it was crackers and cheese. I started using PREE® in May - two capsules per day, with a bottle of water worked best for me. By the end of July I was down to 183 pounds! In addition to using PREE®, I am also now jogging two or three times a week. PREE® got me off to a good start by letting me get control over my urge to eat. With my appetite under control, I felt better about myself and it was easier to begin jogging. PREE® is working for me, so I am planning on sticking with it."

- Robert


"My daughter was getting married in 4 months and I knew I needed to drop some weight. I had already purchased my mother-of-the-bride dress with the intention of losing weight and looking great in this gorgeous dress. But, I am a stress eater and I was certainly feeling the stress of an upcoming wedding. A friend of our office staff brought some information about PREE® with her during a visit to the office and I decided to order a bottle. I took one PREE® 30 minutes before lunch and took a second PREE® 30 minutes before dinner always with a large glass of water. I prepared our normal healthy meals for my family and I was able to eat less without feeling deprived. I didn't think about being on a diet, I just wasn't as hungry and was able to put my fork down before I finished the food on my plate. Within 3 months, I had lost 20 pounds and felt great about how I looked at my daughter's wedding. In the months since the wedding, I have been able to keep the weight off. I don't use PREE® daily anymore, but I keep it around for those days I feel tempted to overeat. It is a great product!"

- Amy
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