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Product Comparison
The Fill Pill
  Fill Pill™
Mechanism of Action Portion Control:
Water-activated microbeads swell 500-1,000x to create pre-meal gastric bulking
Appetitie Suppressant:
Also contains phenylethylamine, and synephrine
Fat Binder:
Soluble and insoluble fibers reduce fat absorption by 28%
Fat Blocker:
Lipase Inhibitor blocks fat absorption from intestine
Gastric Bulking:
Expands up to 50x to fill stomach and bind fats
Principal Ingredient Swell™ 500mg
(ultra-pure hydrogel)
Caffeine 200mg & Chocamine 200mg Opuntia ficus-indica
(600mg natural fibers)
Orlistat® 60mg
(manufactured drug)
Glucomannan 625mg
(natural fiber)
Capsules per Bottle 75 60 120 60 84
Common Significant Side Effects None Reported Jitteriness, Nervousness, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia None Reported Malabsorption, Diarrhea, Fecal Urgency, Bloating, Fecal Incontinence, Anal Leakage None Reported
Weight Loss (avg. per month) 6-10 lbs
(clinical trial data)
10-20 lbs
4-8 lbs
1-2 lbs
(clinical trial data)
No Clinical Data Provided
Stimulants No Yes No No No
(~1 month's supply)
$75.00 $69.99 $89.95 $47.95 $99.80
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